A Family Tradition

At Patrick King Woollen Company, it all starts with a blanket.

Great-grandfather, Patrick King, was an Irish weaver and spinner who moved to Scotland in 1872. Over a hundred years later, we proudly carry on the legacy with Patrick King Woollen Company. We’ve designed our tartan products to maximize the natural performance of Merino wool and Lambswool, making for a sustainable, long-lasting and unique wearing experience.

We are the licensee and designers of the NHL Tartan Collection, Sony Pictures (Outlander the Series),CFL and the Grey Cup Tartan, US Army, Ohio State, University of Idaho and NCSU.

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    We are the designers and manufacturers of the NHL Tartan Collection.

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  • Custom Tartan Designs

    Design a custom tartan for your corporation, hotels, National Parks, Use your environment to tell YOUR STORY!

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Our Wool

Patrick King uses wool from Merino sheep. Unlike synthetics which are industrially produced from non-renewable fossil energy, Merino wool is a natural fibre. Merino wool is produced year-round by sheep consuming a simple blend of natural ingredients including sunshine, water, fresh air and grass, making the wool sustainable and environmentally safe.

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