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Patrick King Woollen Company

US Army Emblem Lambswool Scarf

US Army Emblem Lambswool Scarf

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Step into history with our exclusive US Army Lambswool Scarf, a tribute to the unmatched valor and enduring legacy of the U.S. Army. Crafted from sumptuous lambswool, this scarf isn't just an accessory – it's a statement of pride. Created with the distinguished US Army colors, each intricate thread whispers the founding dates '06-14-1775', immortalizing the Army's birth on June 14, 1775, a pivotal moment preluding even the Declaration of Independence.

But that's not all – our collection proudly features the iconic Army emblem, symbolizing strength, honor, and sacrifice. As you drape yourself in its warmth, you're not just embracing comfort – you're wrapping yourself in the valor of generations past.

Our US Army Tartan collection doesn't stop at scarves. Choose from a range of options, including the versatile merino wool pocket scarf for on-the-go warmth, the cozy merino wool knee blanket for chilly evenings, or the luxurious merino wool full blanket for indulgent comfort.

Don't just wear a scarf; wear a symbol of American strength. Make a statement. Make history. Get your US Army Lambswool Scarf today.




11.8″x 68″ | 30cm x 172cm
+ Fringe - 3" | 8cm

Care Instructions

Wash in cold water and dry flat or dry clean

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High Quality Wool

Patrick King uses the finest Lambswool in the production in its weaving. Incredibly soft, smooth, resilient, elastic and has superior spinning properties. Because of its silkiness, softness and warmth, Lambswool can be worn comfortably against the skin. It’s also the most hypoallergenic of all wools.

  • Responsible Wool Standard

    The Responsible Wool Standard is a voluntary standard that addresses the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on. We ensure that our wool comes from farms that have a progressive approach to managing their land, practice holistic respect for animal welfare of the sheep.

  • Woven In Tradition

    We manufacture and design custom tartans for corporate, hotel chains, tourist locations and retail shops. From weddings to special events, we incorporate clan and corporate colours and significant dates to create a customized product for everyone to enjoy.