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Fraser Hunting Ancient Merino Wool Blanket

Fraser Hunting Ancient Merino Wool Blanket

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Beautiful muted colours, blanket measures 69"x62" with satin ribbon


The Fraser clan is a Scottish clan with a rich history that dates back to medieval times. The clan takes its name from the French word "fraise," meaning strawberry, and its origins are believed to be linked to a group of Frasers who came to Scotland from France in the 11th century. The clan's association with the strawberry may be reflected in its crest, which features a strawberry plant.

Here is an overview of key points in the Fraser clan history:

  1. Origins: The Frasers are said to have originated in Anjou, France, and arrived in Scotland during the 11th century. The first recorded Fraser in Scotland was Simon Fraser, who witnessed a charter in the late 12th century.

  2. Support for the Crown: Over the centuries, the Frasers became loyal supporters of the Scottish monarchy. They played a prominent role in various conflicts and battles, including the Wars of Scottish Independence.

  3. Clan Wars: The Frasers were involved in various clan conflicts, particularly with neighboring clans such as the MacDonalds and the MacKenzies. One of the most notable clashes was the Battle of Bealach nam Broig in 1452 against the MacDonalds.


Merino Wool


69″x 62″ / 175cm x 157cm, 3"/ 7.5cm fringe

Care Instructions

Wash in cold water and dry flat or dry clean

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Classic Tartan Designs

Tartan is a classic addition with timeless qualities. We use both Lambswool and Merino wool in producing our products to give you that luxurious feel. Patrick King Woollen Company is a member of the Scottish Tartan Authority, and all of our tartans are registered with The Scottish Tartan Registry.

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    The Responsible Wool Standard is a voluntary standard that addresses the welfare of sheep and the land they graze on. We ensure that our wool comes from farms that have a progressive approach to managing their land, practice holistic respect for animal welfare of the sheep.

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    We manufacture and design custom tartans for corporate, hotel chains, tourist locations and retail shops. From weddings to special events, we incorporate clan and corporate colours and significant dates to create a customized product for everyone to enjoy.